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About the Author

My name is Charles Bernal and this is a personal project that emerges as a result of nearly 15 years of Construction Project Management struggles. 

I am a Mechanical Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Health and Safety and a Project Management Diploma. I have led more than 10 construction project teams throughout my career in Europe and Australasia and I consider myself a passionate, enthusiast, and inexhaustible Project Manager who will not rest until the goal is achieved.

This industry is nowadays so competitive and requires so much from us that we need to work uncountable hours to reach our goals. One of the most relevant factors when it comes to Project Management is the experience, and with time, I’ve noticed that the most common problem every Project Management team has is the lack of time to approach all the tasks that our job requires to achieve good results, especially in large projects.

I am convinced there is only one way to do things: “the right way”. I have learned the importance of implementing and utilizing systems while working in projects. However, I have come across systems that weren’t practical or suitable for real Construction Projects. This is the reason why I created and shared custom templates and tools with other professionals and companies who were in a similar position.  

PM Store is a personal project that I run while working full time in Project Management. My goal is to help others improve team performance and make project tasks more dynamic for all team members. 

I am open to hearing from anyone, so if you want to share your opinion, ask me a question, give me feedback, or suggest something, your input is very welcome. You can reach me at info@projectmanager.store. or via Linkedin.