Project Management Packages

Take your project to the next level with our Project Management Packages. We offer a complete range of templates that will help you save time and effort while keeping better track of your project.

No matter what your level of experience is as a project manager, our templates will help you deliver the key information without missing any details.

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Project Manager Production Package

This package is great for site operations and site construction teams.

Having information well documented and available at all times is crucial for the success of the project.

These templates will help you keep good record of everything that’s been discussed or needs to be communicated. Effective and professional communication with your stakeholders will guarantee you great results.

Package includes:

  1. Request for Information Template
  2. Transmittal Form
  3. Meeting Minutes Template
  4. Team Meeting Template
  5. Tool Box Talk
  6. Sign in /out Sheet
  7. Tools and Plant Register
  8. Day works / Site Variation
  9. Monthly Timesheet
  10. Weekly Timesheet
  11. RFI Register
  12. Delay Notice
  13. Drawing Register
  14. Variation Template
Project Manager Finance Package

Gain insight into how the financial performance of your project is progressing.

This package not only includes all the templates you need to manage the costs of a project but also contains reports that will show you the financial information of the Project to compare it against previous months. Our procurement control tool will also allow you to keep track and monitor your Purchase Orders to make sure your procurement is successful.

Package includes:

  1. Invoice Template
  2. Progress Claim Template
  3. Purchase Order Template
  4. Expenses Sheet
  5. Financial Report
  6. Variation Template
  7. Variation Register
  8. Procurement Control Tool
  9. Formal Quote Letter
  10. Product Comparison Tool
  11. Estimation template
Project Manager Health & Safety Package

A greater awareness of workplace risks by your employees will ultimately lead to a more positive operational atmosphere and a healthier, safer workplace. 

This package will help you deal with the Health & Safety aspects of the project and will guide you on how to manage risks and hazards to ultimately make better business decisions. If you are running a contracting business this is a must have. It’s time to step in!

Package Includes:

  1. Job Safety Analysis / Task Analysis
  2. Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)
  3. Site H&S Inspection Template
  4. H&S Risk Assessment
  5. Incident Report
  6. Tool Box Talk
Project Manager Contractor Package

This unique bundle includes all the templates you need to run a project from start to finish.

Whether you’re a qualified Project Manager, a Junior Project Manager or a small construction business, this package is perfect for your day-to-day operation and has everything you need to plan and manage your project efficiently.

  • Request for Information Template
  • Request for information Register
  • Transmittal Form
  • Meeting Minutes Template
  • Team Meeting Template
  • Tool Box Talk
  • Sign in /out Sheet
  • Tools and Plant Register
  • Day works / Site Variation
  • Monthly Timesheet
  • Weekly Timesheet
  • Invoice Template
  • Progress Claim Template 
  • Purchase Order Template
  • Expenses Sheet
  • Financial Report
  • Variation Template
  • Variation Register
  • Procurement Control Tool
  • Formal Quote Letter
  • Product Comparison Tool 
  • Project Estimation Template
  • Job Safety Analysis / Task Analysis
  • Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)
  • Site H&S Inspection Template
  • H&S Risk Assessment
  • Incident Report

We offer personalised Project Management Packages that adjust to your needs and preferences. Minimum of 8 templates.  

How does it work?  

1) Download the “Custom Package Form”. Click the “DOWNLOAD FORM” button below.

2) Tick the boxes of the templates you would like to choose. 

3) Send us the completed form to

4) We will send you a quote in less than 24h.

5) If you accept the quote, we will upload your package in our store for you to purchase and download anytime.

This Project Management Package is only available for customers who buy the Full Contractor Package. Send us your company details, logo and  preferred colour and we will customise the whole package at your request.

How does it work?  

1) We can create a sample for you at no cost. Just send us an email to  with your company details, logo and preferred colours.

2) We will send you a branded sample within 24 hours for you to review. 

3) You can then purchase the “Corporative Branded package” from our store.

4) We will send you an email with a link to download your files within 5 working days.

5) We offer minor branding adjustments at no cost within 10 working days from the purchase.



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